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Publicity and PR

Promotion of Website

Once your website is created your main job now is to only focus on Promotion. Here is a list which you might feel useful.


  • Promotion to Search engines,
  • Social bookmarks,
  • Press releases,
  • Classifieds,
  • Articles,
  • RSS,
  • Web site directories,
  • Social media.


DONT overlook the other opportunies that are not on the net.


Business cards






Just keep promoting, it will pay you back handsomely.


Press Releases

Why not celebrate any occasion with a press release?

It is possible to use a press release to compliment the marketing strategy you already have in place using business milestones as potential news items. Many times the use of this information essentially provides free advertising for your site.

There are multiple online locations where the information like this can be placed and you can either write the document yourself or hire a professional to put it together. 

in order to be successful it will need to be written from the perspective of a third-person journalist perspective. Any direct first person comments should only come in the form of quotes.

If you are writing a press release you need to make sure the main idea of your press release is found in the first paragraph. The reason this is important is that many publishers will condense press releases and may only use your first paragraph. If this happens with your release you need to be sure there are strong takeaway points from what is read.


If possible your information should be no longer than two pages (one is preferred by some media outlets).






SEM Search engine marketing

Free ways to market your website

Web marketing

Web branding

Visual adverts


Local Search

Meta Tags

Pay per click (PPC)

Social Media



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