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Visual Advertising

How readers scan a page

When reading promotional copy, all readers expect to have the questionďWhatís in it for me?Ēanswered, and the sooner the better!

Unless told to do otherwise, readers will begin looking at a page in its upper left hand corner, then scan the rest of the page in a Z-shaped movement: first to the right quadrant, then to the lower left, then finish at the lower right.

  This is a quick and efficient way for the reader to determine within seconds whether to continue with reading the copy on the page, or whether to move on to something else.  Knowing the way a reader naturally scans a page allows you to use design in either of two ways.


 Headlines or photographs are often used for this purpose Ė to quickly capture the readerís attention so he will understand how this product or service might answer a need and will invest in reading the copy on the page to learn more.  Hierarchy in copy is important, too. Readers are persuaded by benefits which are a consequence of features, so benefits have more weight than features in the copy hierarchy.

 For an easy way to translate a feature into a benefit, try this trick: state the feature and immediately follow it with the phrase what this means for you is.

Here are some examples:

 Our Company has been in business for 28 years. What this means for you is that we are stable and have stood the test of time.

Our product needs only 30seconds to warm up and be ready to use. What this means for you is the ability to immediately proceed with the task without any annoying delays or wasted time.


Basic visual advertisement templates

  You can cooperate with the readerís natural eye movement and place information organised in a hierarchy that follows the natural eye flow. Or you can direct the readerís eye and guide him through the information hierarchy in the exact order you want him to encounter it. Either technique is an effective way to gain and hold the readerís attention.


If you want to organise to replicate reader eye scan, then begin the headline at the upper left corner, put the visual element and body copy in the centre and the signature in the lower right.


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