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Web Marketing

It's nearly ALL about your web marketing.

In fact, the amount of time spent on your "product / service" and "marketing" should be this:

20% on your product / service

80% on your marketing

This is what makes the difference. Focus on your marketing! 


Simple Web Marketing Tips

Users spend 80 per cent of their time above the fold of a web page

Sites lose about half their visitors with every additional click

Stay informal no excuses for grammatical errors

A page that takes 8 seconds to load will lose all its customers


4 Ps of marketing

Product (or Service), Place, Price and Promotion

Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time.



Catching the visitors attention


cute girl  


 It is said that you have 4 seconds to make a Great First Impression so be aware of

  • Colours,
  • Layout,
  • Design,
  • Easy Navigation,
  • and your Headlines


Keep it short (people are busy)

  • Bullet points
  • Use great photos ( save as JPEG no more than 85K)
  • Faces!!! ( who doesn't like looking at a pretty face?) 


 dolphin smiling


Website Trust


You can get the trust of your users by using the resources of:


Awesome Videos, You Tube

Cool Photos

Press releases







Effective Landing Page


(People will still go back to your website for information Your website is still King!)

Realistically, you have 4 seconds to make a Great First Impression







SEM Search engine marketing

Free ways to market your website

Visual adverts

Publicity and PR

Pay per click (PPC)

Social Media



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