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Communicate your message, attract your target audience and increase your sales with a fully responsive AdWords campaign manager”.

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LimeRiver is a bespoke Google Ads Management Agency that helps businesses across Gold Coast, Brisbane and Queensland get onto the first page of the search engines for their targeted keywords. We specialise in all things Google Ads, and our clients vary from industry to industry as well as in size and marketing budget. They all share the same ambition of wanting to generate large traffic to their websites through search engine optimisation – and this is where we come in.

At LimeRiver, we help businesses understand the dynamics of Google Ads management (PAY PER CLICK) and how this form of online marketing can be used to generate massive success for both start-ups and existing online businesses.

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords)

If your business or organisation is committed to achieving great results with pay per click ads, there are two ways to go about it. You can entrust someone in your business (in-House) or hire a reputable AdWords Management Company.

 In this world of increasingly competitive and rapid evolving PPC landscape, creating and managing your PPC ads has continued to become a more complex and time-consuming task. Often most businesses that do it in-house tend to make big mistakes, especially when entering a new market or selling a new services/product with PPC. 

An experienced gold coast adwords management can help you to review all potential facet of your business niche and highlight key areas that can drastically boost your landing page campaign for better results.

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"Communicate your message, attract your target audience and increase your sales with a fully responsive AdWords campaign manager".
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What does PPC stands for?

PPC is an acronym for pay per click, and it’s one of the most popularly used in digital marketing. In PPC, advertisers pay a certain fee for every click that redirects users to their website, mobile app, software, and other online platforms. 

Essentially, it is used by advertisers to buy visits, rather than attempting to use organic means such as SEO and inbound links. Every time your ad is clicked on a publisher platform, sending users directly to your site, you will be charged a small fee.

 If done correctly, most of the time the fee is trivial since the click is more worth than what you’re paying. For example, if you pay $2 per click and the results turn into a $250 sale, then you’ve make a very hefty profit.

Why you need google adwords management 

An experienced AdWords manager knows how to create the best PPC ads that sell and generate high conversion rates. 

Picking the Right Keywords

Keywords are the most crucial aspects of any successful PPC ads campaign. A Pay per click company can help you overcome the hustles of formulating and analysing the best group of keywords to target.

At LimeRiver, we use premium Keyword search tools to pick appropriate keywords for your business. Most Keyword research tools cost more than $100 monthly, and we use these tools to help you create successful pay per click ads that give your business a competitive advantage and save you loses that come with wrong keywords selection.

Help you with the ever-changing world of PPC ads

Managing your ads while you still have other key responsibilities to attend to can greatly affect how your business copes with the dynamics of the rapid changing PPC ads world

Pay per click management companies always concentrate on the art of Adwords management and, they are always updated in real-time with changes and trends happening in the world of PPCs. 

Every time there is a new global update, Google adwords management service dedicate some time to learn the new changes and how they can use them to increase the effectiveness of their clients PPC ads campaigns.

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