Pay Per Click Management Success – The Golden Rules

The Golden Rules for Pay Per Click. Trial and error makes up a big part of how we learn in life – but in business, there often is not much time to trial things, and depending on the size of an error you can find yourself limited in what you do before you even start. It is important, then, to not trust solely in the process of trial and error, and to give yourself as strong a position as possible before you make any life-changing decisions. Pay Per Click is a classic example of this. There is a lot you can know before you begin, and trial and error will help you only if it is used to refine rather than to set a strategy. Knowing the golden rules are essential.

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#1 Pay Per Click Mistake: The Wrong Landing Page

So you’ve got your keywords, and your budget. You’ve assigned your budget in the most sensible way to make each keyword as lucrative as they can be, and you’re ranking pretty highly in the search engines. You are, rightly, pretty confident of success. Then the money simply fails to roll in. You’re confused and frustrated, and who wouldn’t be? It looked like you had it all figured out – what’s going on? Well, chances are that the mistake you have made is in setting your landing page. Isn’t that daft? All that work up front, and the conversion rate is low because you set the wrong landing page.

People will often come to a landing page, look around there and then surf off somewhere else. If your landing page is attention-grabbing, tells the potential customer how to go about purchasing and explains why they should, they will be a lot more likely to turn your click into a conversion. Getting this nailed down should be an immediate priority.

#2 Google AdWords Mistakes : Bad Content

The fact that there are sites out there which, however temporarily, benefit from a high keyword density to ride high in search engine rankings. They take up a position that would be more deserved by a well-put-together site with decent content and, even though they will fall from their position, they get in the way. It is thoroughly irritating when you have a site with well-written content and see someone who has clearly just welded keywords together with nonsensical writing rank above you.


The most important thing is to not fall into the trap of thinking that their success means you should behave in the same way. Most importantly, if PPC is to work, reports have shown time and time again that the most successful ads are those which are placed on sites where the content is readable, stands out and is innovative. A strong identity is the most important commodity a site can have, and in this respect there really is no substitute for good content. People are looking for a reason why they should make a purchase, and content which reads either exactly the same as dozens of other sites, or else reads like black-hat SEO nonsense will not cut it with potential customers. You do want people coming to your site – but you want them to actually go the extra mile and buy. This will be best achieved with good content

#3 Google AdWords Mistakes: Sending visitors to your home page.

Now the customer must painstakingly click through your website’s navigation to find this exact information they want.

#4 Google AdWords Mistakes : Sending visitors to your contact page.

Some businesses send PPC visitors directly to their website’s contact page to force email newsletter opt-ins or lead generation form submissions. This can and will frustrate visitors.

#5 Google AdWords Mistakes : Relying entirely on 'broad match' keyword ads.

Broad match keyword ads are displayed whenever all or part of your target keyword phrase is searched for, offering the greatest traffic potential. But you may be sacrificing relevance for reach.
Setting your ads to phrase or exact match might decrease your traffic potential, but help ensure that your ads appear for search queries that are most relevant to your business.

#6 Google AdWords Mistakes : Negative keywords.

Many people fail to use negative keywords, which can prevent ads from displaying whenever certain words are searched for.
Adding negative keywords to your PPC campaigns is one way to control relevancy without eliminating the potential traffic of broad match ads.

#7 Google AdWords Mistakes : Set It and Forget It

 You’ve identified keywords, written your ad text, organized your ad groups. You’re just getting started. You should be paying very close attention to your campaigns. They need regular maintenance to produce the results you’re looking for.

#8 Google AdWords Mistakes : Not setting up remarketing

You need to carefully ensure you target the right audience. Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website. It allows you to strategically position your ads in front of these audiences as they browse Google. Remind those audiences to make a purchase.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) Success And AdWords Management

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An experienced Pay Per Click manager knows how to create the best PPC ads that sell and generate high conversion rates. 

Picking the Right Keywords

Keywords are the most crucial aspects of any successful PPC ads campaign. A Pay per click company can help you overcome the hustles of formulating and analysing the best group of keywords to target.

At LimeRiver, we use premium Keyword search tools to pick appropriate keywords for your business. and we use these tools to help you create successful pay per click ads that give your business a competitive advantage and save you loses that come with wrong keywords selection.

Help you with the ever-changing world of PPC ads

Managing your ads while you still have other key responsibilities to attend to can greatly affect how your business copes with the dynamics of the rapid changing PPC ads world

Pay per click management companies always concentrate on the art of Adwords management and, they are always updated in real-time with changes and trends happening in the world of PPCs. 

Every time there is a new global update, Google adwords management service dedicate some time to learn the new changes and how they can use them to increase the effectiveness of their clients PPC ads campaigns.

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