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LimeRiver is a Digital Marketing Gold Coast Agency that helps businesses across Gold Coast and Queensland get onto the first page of the search engines. We specialise in all things SEO, and our clients vary from industry to industry as well as in size and marketing budget. They all share the same ambition of wanting to generate large traffic to their websites through search engine optimisation – and this is where we come in.

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"A Digital Marketing Gold Coast Agency strengthens your online presence and attracts customers.
Digital Marketing Gold Coast
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Why should you use a  digital marketing agency Gold Coast? Internet marketing is key to business growth and revenue increase. However, rather than investing in an expert, a significant number of small businesses in the Gold Coast are handling their digital marketing campaigns by themselves. And nine times out of ten, they’re not getting the results they want.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Gold Coast means you’re getting a team of Gold Coast specialists. These specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into devising the most effective digital strategy for you.

  • Google’s ranking algorithms are constantly changing. An SEO expert keeps you up to date with these changes and suggests ways to ensure you remain on top of your game.
  • SEO Gold Coast Marketing Agency specialise in local SEO. They understand the Gold Coast business environment and know how the local market work. You would receive bespoke marketing campaigns guaranteed to make your business thrive in the Gold Coast.
  • A Digital Marketing agency saves you a lot of time and energy. You can simply focus on other aspects of your business and let the experts work their magic.
  • After growing your online presence to a satisfactory level, you are bound to get lax about your online marketing. But a digital marketing agency keeps you on your toes with constant communication. The team reminds you of things you need to do to keep your digital marketing campaign on track. They help you grow and maintain your online presence.
  • Getting back-links from sites with high DA (Domain Authority) might prove challenging. A digital marketing agency comes to your rescue by helping you build back-links from credible sources which would, in turn, improve your ranking on Google.

Digital Marketing Gold Coast

If your Gold Coast business is not performing as well as expected, investing in a reputable online marketing agency is the best bet to turn your business around.

LimeRiver constantly analyse, test and research new and cutting-edge techniques, as well as applying best practice in innovative ways. Gold Coast business would enjoy higher rankings by engaging in Digital Marketing long term.

We understand the Gold Coast business environment and know how the local market works. We use a range of strategies, techniques and tactics to obtain very high-ranking placements in Google search engine results.

LimeRiver is an ethical Digital Marketing Gold Coast company, a creative Digital Marketing Company  As a Digital marketing Agency Gold Coast, we have successfully ranked our own SEO agency’s website & therefore proved the credibility of our own Digital Marketing  Services in Gold Coast, Queensland and Australia wide.  As a Marketing agency our  results have helped our clients to achieve significant increases in ranking

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Effective digital marketing is digital marketing done the right way.

This is why you need a Digital Marketing Agency.


Our services include Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, SEO and more.

Marketing Agency Gold Coast Fields of expertise

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Renovate or get a Brand new optimised website

Pay Per Click Success 

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Picking a Digital Marketing Agency: A Word of Caution

You must be very careful when picking a digital marketing agency. Some disreputable agencies engage in unethical SEO practices to quickly rank your business. These unsafe methods usually referred to as black-hat tactics; prove ineffective in the long run. Google may even end up penalising you. Invest in a company that uses transparent, white hat SEO tactics only.

 If you’re hard-earned online reputation has already been damaged by these unscrupulous agencies, never fear. A reputable Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency can help you rebuild, slowly but surely.


Our services include Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, SEO and more.

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